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If the price of a brand-new Chanel watch is dashing dreams of owning one for yourself, then Luxe.It.Fwd is the place for you! We are a one-stop-shop with a range of stunning second hand Chanel watches to suit all styles and occasions. Chanel is a luxury French fashion house so entwined with its namesake Gabrielle ’Coco’ Chanel; the brand has become synonymous with her ethos of simple yet elegant design. With its flagship store situated at 31 Rue des Cambons in Paris, and with 310 locations around the world, it is not hard to see why this Chanel enjoys enduring popularity both internationally and within Australia.


The trend-setting designer Coco Chanel started from humble beginnings, opening her first millinery shop on Paris’ Rue Cambon in 1910. From there the brand expanded into bags, perfume and clothing and was on its way to becoming the innovative fashion powerhouse we know today. Continuously pushing boundaries with its iconic designs in the fashion world, it was only a matter of time before the luxury French brand started making waves in the watch market too.


Chanel was one of the first fashion houses to move into watchmaking, launching the Chanel Première under the direction of Jacques Helleu in 1987, who had been the artistic director for the fashion house for nearly 30 years by this time. Said to have taken inspiration from the shape of the No.5 perfume bottle and the Place Vendôme in Paris, the Première was designed specifically for women and over time has seen a few variations and updates, with each iteration encompassing the instantly recognisable and elegant Chanel style.


Flushed with the success of the Première, in 2000 Jacques Helleu and the Chanel Watch team created what is considered to be one of the first watch icons of the 21 st century – the J12, named after the 1930’s J-class racing yachts. Taking inspiration from design in both yachting and automobiles, it took seven years to perfect the art of turning hardwearing ceramic into a precious material worthy of the case of the high-end timepiece. The end result was an all-black, unisex Chanel watch that changed the world of watches forever, and would become a favourite in the second hand watch market. The all-white version of the J12 soon followed in 2003. Starting out as a more ‘sporty’ watch, the brand’s later reincarnations of the J12 used diamonds, mother of pearl, and an array of precious stones. And it wasn’t just the designs that cemented Chanel’s place in the luxury watchmaking market, its technical advancements including a chronograph, tourbillon and GMT, have shown that the brand is a leader in both style and substance.


The Boy.Friend watch, launched in 2015, blurred the lines between feminine and masculine designs with its strong lines and elegant octagonal shape, taking a cue from the original Chanel watch, the Première. Available in three sizes, it’s customisable to even the most luxurious fantasy, with steel and diamond options as well as an array of quilted straps for a look that is both classic and modern. Taking inspiration from its very own 2.55 bag created in 1955, Chanel then unveiled the Code Coco watch in 2017. Using a host of luxury materials from ceramic, titanium, beige gold, white gold and a plethora of diamonds, it features a quilted bracelet and rotating clasp that is quintessentially Chanel and has the distinctive feature of opening at the top instead of under the wrist. With these watches, and others in the brand’s collection, having a top-end price tag to match, it’s all the more reason to peruse our second hand Chanel watches to get your hands on the timepiece of your dreams.


Luxe.It.Fwd is Australia’s most trusted online destination for authentic pre-owned luxury items, and Chanel is one of our most coveted brands. Chanel watches are renowned for their iconic design credentials and quality craftsmanship, making them extremely popular in the second hand designer watch market. If you are in search of a Chanel watch in Australia but are not wanting to pay the full retail price, then Luxe.It.Fwd is here for you. Shop our amazing range of quality pre-owned Chanel watches and feel assured by our authenticity guarantee. Don’t have the funds to buy your dream timepiece right now? We also offer our customers Afterpay and Zip to allow more time to pay off your watch, as well as free and fast shipping Australia-wide to help make the experience of purchasing used Chanel watches easier and more convenient than ever.


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