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We all love handbags and fashion, but there is a hidden cost to their beauty:

The fashion industry is responsible for 1/10th of the world’s carbon emissions, making it the second largest polluter in the world.

Australians are the second largest consumers of fashion in the world, buying on average 27kg of fashion per year.

The average Australian woman has 5 handbags collecting dust at the back of her closet that she does not regularly use, and nearly half own a handbag they’ve NEVER worn!.

Those unused handbags on average take a huge estimated 57.5kg of CO2 to produce – the equivalent of the CO2 emissions from charging 6,994 smartphones.

The overconsumption of new fashion is undoubtedly wreaking havoc on the planet. Luxe.It.Fwd is determined to change this by facilitating and advancing a circular fashion economy which eliminates unnecessary waste and promotes the re-use of quality pieces rather than limited-use fast fashion.

To date we have rehomed over 16,000 unwanted handbags, watches, and accessories! That’s equivalent to saving approximately 575 tonnes of C02 from being produced, by decreasing the demand and therefore production of new items. It’s a great start, but we have much bigger aspirations!


Our goal by 2030 is to prevent the production of 5,750 tonnes of CO2 by rehoming 100,000 unwanted fashion items.
For comparison, that's the equivalent of the CO2 that would be counteracted by 95,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years!
We can certainly achieve this goal with your help, through buying and selling pre-owned in the circular economy rather than always buying a new.


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