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With our effortless selling process, you can unlock the full value of your TAG Heuer watches by selling and consigning with Luxe.It.Fwd. We do all of the hard work of selling including detailed inspection and authentication by our luxury watchmaker, photography and listing, together with marketing and promotion to our tens of thousands of site visitors and social media audience. You will receive a great return with direct buyouts also available, together with swift processing and payment directly to your bank account once finalised.


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We sell the majority of our bags within 48 HOURS of listing!


We do all the hard work for you, including cleaning and photography.

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We offer FREE home pickup and shipping with Australia Post.

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Pocket between 50-80% of the selling price – with instant buy-out prices available. ?

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"I couldn’t believe how quickly my Chanel bag sold! It would’ve taken up so much time and effort to try selling it myself. I just submitted a quick quote form, and after accepting the quote, my bag was picked up for free, cleaned and photographed, and once listed it sold within a day!"

- Rosie Monaghan | Luxe.It.Fwd Seller


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“What a great company to deal with! Sold my Givenchy Vegan Antigona bag almost immediately after it was listed. Communication was excellent as they stepped me through the process. Will definitely be using their services again. Highly recommend!”

- Michelle, Luxe.It.Fwd Seller

“Had such a great experience selling with Luxe.It.Fwd. Their team are so efficient and professional. I will be looking to now purchase though them as well for my next bag.”

- Casey, Luxe.It.Fwd Seller

“Luxe.It.Fwd made it super easy to sell my Prada right from the word go - fast responses to all my queries, kept me updated the whole time and deposited the funds super fast. I wouldn't hesitate to sell through them again - thank you ...!”

- Amy, Luxe.It.Fwd Seller

"My Chanel bag sold so quickly, right when I needed a bit of extra cash in my pocket! The quoting process was so easy and even had a courier pick up my bag for FREE! They handled everything and I got the payout.”

- Charlotte, Luxe.It.Fwd Seller

"I’ve been burned trying to sell my luxury bags in the past and found it so stressful until I found Luxe.It.Fwd! They made the whole process so easy and handled everything from start to finish. Now I just go straight to them if I want to sell my bags!”

- Marti, Luxe.It.Fwd Seller


We accept authentic bags, wallets, jewellery and watches from the following designers:
(no shoes, sunglasses or clothing unfortunately)

Please note that we are only able to accept the items from designers on the above lists only.


How much can I earn if I sell my item(s)?

See the return for consignment and direct sell here.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

We will respond with a quote for your item(s) within 1 business day.

Which designers do you accept?

A full list of the brands we accept is here.

Can I choose consignment but then switch to direct sell at a later date?

You do need to select either option at the outset as we unfortunately don’t offer the option to switch from consignment to direct sell once the item has been listed.

What factors contribute to the value assessment of a TAG Heuer watch at Luxe.It.Fwd?

The value assessment of your TAG Heuer watch at Luxe.It.Fwd encompasses factors such as the model, condition, rarity, and market demand, collectively determining its market value in the resale market.

Can I sell my TAG Heuer watch if it is not currently working?

No, we can only take on TAG Heuer watches that are in good working condition. Before submitting your quote please ensure the watch has been recently serviced and is in good working condition.

What happens if my item is found to be a replica?

A $150 fee will be incurred for replica items to cover our costs incurred and shipping both ways ($250 for replica watches or watches not in good working order).

How quickly will my item sell?

We have an excellent track record and the majority of our items sell within 48 hours or less! The selling timeframes for every item are however different on account of the popularity of style, colour and condition. Popular items can sell within minutes or a day, while other items may take longer.

What happens if my consigned item doesn’t sell?

We list all items for an initial period of 90 days and certainly nearly all of our items sell within that period but if not, we give you the option at that time to either reduce the price; keep the item on the site at the same price; or have the item returned free of charge.

What are your Terms and Conditions for consignment?

See our full Terms and Conditions for Consignment and Selling to Us.

What documentation should I include when selling my TAG Heuer watch to Luxe.It.Fwd?

You should include any original accessories when selling your TAG Heuer watch to Luxe.It.Fwd, and also include any paperwork that you have include the original receipt, any certificates and other such documentation.

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