100% Authenticity Guaranteed

We understand that shopping online for pre-loved luxury items can be fraught with concerns surrounding authenticity. With the risk of counterfeit handbags, it can be difficult for buyers to assess whether they are actually buying legitimate authentic handbags, particularly from unknown sellers on peer-to-peer sites.

We are different and can offer you the comfort of shopping second hand with confidence regarding authenticity - our expert authenticators rigorously scrutinise every aspect of our handbags prior to listing these on our site, from the embossing to the hardware to the overall workmanship (just to name a few). Our authenticators are adept at identifying even the most deceptive replica handbags, to ensure that no fakes ever make it into our collection.


Peace of Mind Shopping

We accordingly provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity on every handbag that we sell, meaning that you can shop with peace of mind.

We also offer you easy 14 day Returns, allowing you to see the bag in person to be confident of its authenticity without any concern of being locked into a sale.   

We aim to de-risk and remove the worry that surrounds buying and selling used luxury items online, so that you can get back to the more important things, like deciding between the Chanel or the Louis Vuitton?!